About Lanista

Welcome to Lanista

We work really hard to make education accessible

Lanista is online marketplace connecting individuals seeking personal and professional development with Educational Institutions and Trainers.

Our Mission

You should find the best course that suits you.

We aim to make personal development accessible to all Individuals using digital tools where anyone can find educational programs that best suits their interest and personalities through hassle-free process.

Our Vision

Thousands of new professionals

We are aiming to build a future where any individual is at ease and convenience while making decision about to their personal development.

Lanista Meaning

A latin word that means Educator or Trainer

In ancient Rome, The Lanista is the one who taught the gladiators to fight. He was the weapons master and teacher of the company.

Now, where The pen is mightier than the sword , Experience and Knowledge became the new arsenal and the market has became the new battlefield therefore A modern Lanista is needed to mentor and train you with the right set of skills in order to stand out in the New World.

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